b. 1986, HK.


About the Artist



b. 1991, Russia, Ohio

A native of the very small town of Russia, Ohio, Chloe found drawing and painting to be a space just for herself. As the second oldest of eight children, Chloe’s family was constantly shifting, as her parents welcomed in foster children, single mothers, or anyone in need of a place to stay. As a child, Chloe became fascinated with the human experience, human relationships, and the stories being told by these shifting family members. These relationships fueled a deep passion for figurative art at an early age.

In 2014, Chloe received her BFA from the University of Dayton, focusing on painting and printmaking; her figurative work concentrating more on the basics of anatomy, technique, and observation. During undergraduate, she was awarded a Yeck College Artist Fellowship at the Dayton Art Institute. Her senior year, Chloe ranked as a finalist in the Excellence in Visual Arts Awards by the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Ohio.

In 2015, Chloe moved to Peoria, IL and became a resident artist at the Prairie Center of the Arts, enjoying a year of painting, printmaking, volunteering, and teaching. A year later, she was awarded a six-month residency at Access Arts in Columbia, Missouri. During these artist residencies, Chloe’s figurative work pushed beyond likeness and representation. Her paintings started to focus on the subject’s themselves, using color and mark to reflect these relationships and stories.

Chloe has exhibited her work in over fifty exhibitions across the United States, including the Dayton Art Institute in Dayton, OH, Tag Gallery in Santa Monica, CA, the Riverfront Museum in Peoria, IL, and recently Anne Irwin Fine Art, in Atlanta, GA. Chloe currently works and resides in Wilmington, DE.